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enterprise, capitalizing on the established values of a dynamic and lively region, of undeniable international fame. Follonica, cornerstone of new opportunities of economic and technological expansion, raises itself thanks to an organic vision which matches, also with regards to urban and real estate transformations, a multiplicity of chances for investments and growth. Follonica is the favored access to an highly dynamic area: the Thyrrenian Tuscany, a multifaceted identity able to answer efficiently and in a flexible and multiple way to development and growth goals, which, starting from the traditional sectors, identifies in the innovation of services and processes the dimension of its present future.

Located at the centre of a geographical 'diamond' at the vertexes of which are Leghorn, Siena, Grosseto, and the Elba Island,  Follonica is the intersection and confluence of highly value added flows and interactions, which offer all that is Tuscany at its best, within a new territorial border already deeply internationalized. Born as an industrial city in the XVI century, Follonica was able to redesign itself as a touristic and commercial city from the 1970s, taking advantage of the organizational and economic competences from its industrial past, which transformed the city into an important engine of growth for the entire area, consolidating itself in the areas of tourism, commerce, services.

Alongside the relevant touristic data (a city of 21000 inhabitants which counts more than 700.000 tourists during the year) and a deeply active related sector, the territory id home to a range of strong innovation attractors fields: such as commerce, services, advanced electronic, high quality wine and horticultural production (from Sassicaia to Morellino), nautical. Starting from the project of the Parco Centrale, wich rebuilds and resews the urban texture retracing the axis of the Fonderie Ducali from the XVI ct., revaluating its architectural and historic legacy and creating it as the centre of the cultural and civic life, various interventions and investing possibilities

Follonica: the new side of a rising Tuscany


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Follonica, a new face for an antique region

Why Tuscany:

- With a population of 3.7 million inhabitants (as many as Ireland and Finland and even more than Lithuania and Slovenia), Tuscany has a growth rate higher than Italian and European averages

- A modern and dynamic economy ensured by a regional GDP of more than 105 million Euro, a well established manufacturing industry, by a completely made in Italy marketing and design sector and by advanced industrial technologies

- A convenient central position, which allows to easily access any transportation system

- An extended base of talents and a strong labour force of more than 1.5 million workers

- A high density of Universities and research centres of national and international relevance

- A well-structured research system that counts on more than 14,000 high qualified researchers and benefits from more than 1 billion Euro of public and private investments

- A solid strategy of development of the local economy based on its international promotion and flexibly responding to the world's economy rapid changes

- A very high standard of living surrounded by a unique and attractive cultural environment

Follonica, gate to the Thyrrenian coast, is the face of a new, emerging Tuscany: an innovating opportunity for the ones who are searching for a new dimension of making economy, investment and

in infrastructures, services, industry are composed, integrating a frame af continuous growth of a lively and raising economy.