to achieve a new urban vitality. Follonica is the doorway of the Tyrrhenian coast, the access to an area that contains all the peculiarities of Toscana whilst it offers innovative and progressive solutions.

Moreover, the area claims to be one with the highest standards of living of the whole nation, thanks to the excellent environment and good economic frame. With this in mind, Follonica aims at making the Tyrrhenian Tuscany a landing point for all the new farsighted investments, in order to create an ample and efficiently organized web of economical and logistic connections. The future of Follonica is already on the move, with 25 million Euro invested during the first half of 2014 for urban and territorial requalification, making possible to build up the base of a relevant portfolio of infrastructural and real estate investments.

We believe that both our City and our territory are real chances for future partners who are looking for quality and judicious operations. Our personnel is prepared and ready to assist the investors, answer to any of their queries or requests and to help them to define their targets and needs with accuracy. Contact us; we will build our future together.

Mayor of Follonica

Andrea Benini

Reasons to invest in Follonica

Follonica is a privileged access to a well-structured regional system and a notable turning point for international interaction and cooperation. Its distinctive features and great potential of improvement are well combined and incentivized by Regione Toscana thus resulting one of the most fertile area where to invest:

Why Follonica:

- A multidisciplinary environmental and territorial development economy, which aims to become the referral centre of advanced tourism services, nautical activities, food and wine productions, trading strategies and more

- A solid industrial tradition as a competitive trait: Follonica can set up business, promote companies and bring innovation

- A balanced economy with some primary assets of great quality in tourism, trade, business services and boating that offer a stimulating framework to investors particularly apt for a medium size operationsand optimised cost/return ratio

- A constantly growing population

- Attractive real estate values integrated with a growing economical asset

- An excellent geographical location that promotes the expansion of renewable energy sources, such as geothermic, photovoltaic, windmills and biomasses

- A set of services and well organized reception, realized on-project, in order to welcome the investors in the best way

- Key-sectors with high international relevance: ICT, services for the companies, tourism, trading, nautical


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Follonica: investing in the future of Tuscany

Follonica is a unique and extraordinary city that stands in a land of ancient traditions and a story as venerable as Italy itself. The City, founded just 160 years ago as an urban and metallurgy center, had to change his identity and role several times in just half century and even today is heading the path of a new renovation. Taking advantage from a long and robust industrial experience, it is aiming to redefine the shapes and the edges of its economy