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The total amounts to 3.5% of all foreign investment in Italy ranking Tuscany in the top positions of the Italian regions with greater attractiveness for international capital. The foreign investment coming out of the Tuscany region is 12 billion euro, equivalent to 3% of national total. According to the Bank of Italy - Eurosystem, in 2010 there were 800 companies in the region that have invested in foreign companies, while companies operating in the region that had the shareholding of international companies exceeded 1,300 units. Over 90% of capital comes from Europe, 5% comes from the American continent. France and the Netherlands are the countries that invest more. Direct investments converge primarily on financial holding companies and real estate, but also on the chemical and petroleum-engineering business.

Statistics - data). At the end of 2010, it already brought the economical values back to pre-recession levels and raised the exportation by 30% on regional GDP. The strong economic upturn was mainly possible thanks to the increase of the trade of precious metals (Arezzo) and leather industry (Pisa, Firenze and Arezzo). In the very last years, machinery and production equipment are gaining important position. While France, Switzerland and Germany are still the major importers of Tuscan goods, Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates’ are gaining ground in import percentages. Moreover, the trades with Japan and Hong Kong is steadily growing.

Education and training

Tuscany proudly claims one of the highest education rates in Italy: more than 88% of the 3.7 million inhabitants has a diploma.

In 2011, according to ISTAT (national Institute of Statistics) the Tuscan citizens without a qualification or with only a primary school qualification were just 830,000 (down from almost a million in 2004). Still in 2011 those who completed their studies with a primary school qualification were 926,000. Slow but constant is the increasing of the citizens who chose to continue their studies with a secondary school programme. The amount of those who chose a vocational school (2-3 years of studies) increased from 127,000 (2004) to 142,000 (2011) while who chose a high school (4-5 years of studies) increased from 273,000 (2004) to 383,000 (2011).

The employment rate among graduate students between 25 and 34 years old is high. From the first quarter of 2008 to the second quarter of 2011, the employment rate was 72.7% compared to 72.2% of the previous 3-year period.

A territory for investors: Tuscany


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Foreign investment in Tuscany

Foreign trade

According to the latest statistics (2011) of the Bank of Italy - Eurosystem, the foreign investment coming into Tuscany exceed 9 billion euro.

With more than 32 billion Euro of exported goods, Tuscany holds the fifth position in the national export ranking and the first position in the mid-Italy ranking. According to the ICE (Italian Trade Commission) the Tuscan exportations amount to 8.4% of the whole national volume. There are about 21,000 Tuscan operators on the foreign markets. From 2008 to 2013, the Tuscan exports have increased by 16.5% (according to ISTAT - National Institute of